As 312Insurance Company, we have been serving in this sector for 8 years. We are authorized agents of almost all leading companies which are in Turkey ad the present time. Our company constantly improves itself in both technical and numerical filelds with new agreements and trainings. Now we are coniuning toe move one step closer to our goal. We are accessible insurance agency. We are the closest business partner that attaches importance to the life quality of our customers in terms of insurance.

We are an insurance agency that constantly invests in technology, improves itself in the corporate sense, offers new solutions by analysing customer risks and protects our customers. As 312Insurance Company, our aim is to bring together the right product, the right price and the right company by analysing the risks that will occur in near future contrary to the memorized system. For this reason we study with the department system and customer - spesific representative.

The pace of change in the world is increasing day by day. Therefore, mnany issues in insurance are being revised. Because of this change in the world, we manage risks by delivering new products to our customers. We continue to insure large construction companies which are institutionally in Turkey. We eveb have quarantees up to Africa.

We are planning to constinue our business as an insurance agency that thinks gib, has a high vision, is open to innovations and is always beside aour customerse.

Join us. You will see our difference and quality.

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