Construction All Risk Insurance

We guarantee all risks that may happen to your construction in private and public works.

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We secure your home and workplace against natural disasters.

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Complementary Health Insurance

Private hospital expenses will not scare you.

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Private health insurance

We value your health as much as you do.

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Home Insurance

Home insurance covers you against any risk you can think of.

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Travel Insurance

Get your travel insurance covered before you leave.

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Workplace Insurance

It secures the workplace where we work for high efficiency and profit.

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Traffic Insurance

Damages you may cause to third parties with your vehicle are covered

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There are a lot of hazards that could happen to your vehicle

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Our Team

Volkan Ülgen

Company Owner

Sagıp Gülcan


Ceren Tombakoğlu

Assistant Director

Buse Bölükbaşı

Health Department / Specialist

Seher Özat

Accounting and Finance / Specialist

Melda Durmuşlu

Administrative Affairs Supervisor



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